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On previous article we covered the reasons for having a Shareholders’ Agreement in more detail. In summary, the main purpose of a Shareholders’ Agreement is to provide certainty as to the rights and obligations of each party. As time goes by and the company starts generating revenue different people take different approaches to how this revenue should be used. This has the potential to strain relationships and make it difficult to run the business.

Studies have found that disharmony between the team is one of the top reasons why start-ups fail. Getting a Shareholders Agreement can go a long way to preventing that and making your start-up a success.
As a shareholder you want to ensure i) the company is governed fairly, ii) that the right people exert the right amount of control over the company’s long-term future, iii) that any dividends and salary policy is clear from the get-go, iv) that major decisions are made with adequate consent and not by the majority shareholder only, and, v) should more capital be required and new shareholders are introduced, your shareholding will not be diluted if you have not agreed that it should be so.
Furthermore, having a Shareholders Agreement is a sign that your company is to be taken seriously as you clearly have put some thought into the governance arrangements, the obligations of the founders, the ongoing profit-sharing model, and paths to a, hopefully very profitable, exit.
At Chic Consultants we assist dozens of start-ups every single week – many of them having the foresight to wish to put a Shareholder Agreement in place. We are experts at what we do and that is why we can offer authoritative advice at unbeatable price

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For 2-4 shareholders who will all be involved in the business on a part or full time basis this package is likely to cover their needs.

The package includes:

The agreement will include provisions relating to:

INVESTOR SHAREHOLDERS AGREEMENT – from £1,000. Please contact us

Often investors would require additional protections (as per our previous article). If there one or more angel or VC investors, or you simply require more specific provisions such as:


At Chic Consultants we believe in entrepreneurs. We were entrepreneurs ourselves and understand the cost constraints but also the desire to create something with a solid foundation.
Our lawyers have worked with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to multi-billion mega-corporates. So they know the type of issues and what the cost-benefit analysis is for each client.
This is why we want to offer the Shareholders’ Agreement, a foundational document whichever lawyer you ask, at such a low price.
As to how we can offer it at such a low price? That is because our lawyers are
a) experts in their chosen fields so things get done quickly and efficiently,
b) they are very commercial so they will not charge for negotiating minor points that are not important to you or your business, and
c) they believe in embracing technology and new ways of doing law.
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