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Commercial solicitors for entrepreneurs

We understand you want to focus on your business without any unnecessary distractions. That’s why we are here to take care of every legal issue your company might have.


Getting the foundations right will determine how you develop your product, the ways you can expand, and your tax position. We can help create your company and the constitutional documents such as the Articles of Association and advise you on directors’ duties, disclosures or removals. We can also advise of the most appropriate legal structure and on regulatory issues.
Business and Funding


Whilst your company is expanding, it is also important to think about the future and try to shape that future in your favour. We can help you by drafting a Shareholders’ Agreement or an Investment Agreement that will protect your interests whilst ensuring that much needed funding for expansion is secured.
It is important to always keep in mind of where you wish to end up and quite often in business that is a successful exit. The journey from incorporation to exit is a long one and, if there is more than one shareholder, it will be full of friction and grey areas, especially as the vision for the business or the strategy to be pursued might differ. You do not wish this to affect your final compensation, thus, a well-drafted Shareholders’ Agreement is key.


We can also assist you with selling or buying a business as our team has dealt with many M&A transactions. We will make sure that due diligence is correctly done, all uncertainties are brought to your attention and the appropriate W&I insurance is taken. Our commercial approach to negotiation is aimed towards reducing the time it is needed to close the transaction and increasing the protections you receive from the other side.
Another important aspect of your business is your suppliers. Your commercial contracts with them should provide you with predictability and, should any disagreement about timings, quality, or price arise, there should be clear procedures for dealing with it in an inexpensive and quick manner that ensures business continuity.
We can also help with corporate restructuring, especially pursuant debt restructuring, tax advice, employment issues, or Brexit advice.

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